Missionary (noun): Someone who leaves their family for a short period of time so that others may be with their families for eternity.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"I'm eating rice almost everyday now."

July 6, 2011

My last letter to Elder Montgomery! So weird that he's already coming
I was visiting an investigator in St. John's Compound (all
Christians). We were coming back when I had the impression to visit a
member in that area. It turns out that she's been having some
difficult times, and we were able to comfort her to her satisfaction.
So that went well.
General statistics: I have gone on 4 exchanges, baptized 0 people,
seen 0 elephants, seen 70+ cows, given 6 blessings (including blessings of healing and of comfort) and eaten KFC twice. All in all, a good 3 weeks, wouldn't you say?
I'm eating rice almost everyday now. It's kind of weird. I'll eat
until I can't possibly eat any more. Then, suddenly, about 7 hours
later, I'll just be starving.
We celebrated American Independance Day here. Kind of. My companion
and I went to a mall on across the street from out apartment. We ate
Subway sandwiches. Yum! I'm hoping today that we can go back to the
mall and eat hot dogs with the other American elders. Maybe. We'll
see. Indian Independance Day is August 15. I don't know what the plan
I received your package. THANK YOU!!! I've been craving peanut butter
and jelly (as you guessed) for about a week now. I made sandwiches
for me and my 3 roommates this morning for breakfast. Can you beleive
that 1 of those 8 cups made 4 sandwiches' worth of peanut butter? It
was amazing! Lovin' the green stuff. I also received the oreos, hand
towels toothpaste, tic tacs, deodorant, Skittles (Thank you!) Fruit by
the Foot, and Pringles. One of the little Pringles opened. So I ate
that one. I gave the other little one to my companion. The package so
great! Thank you!
Congratulations to Lauryn! I'm very happy for her! She'll be a great mother!
It's getting cool. Raining every day. We're entering the rain season.
That'll last about 3 months. Then we'll have very cold weather until
February. Good thing that I brought that one humungous coat! They say
it gets to negative degrees Celsius. No idea what the equivalent is in
Farenheit. But it should be fun!
In other news, I found a chess board and pieces in a shelf this
morning. I'm playing an epic game with myself; black is winning. Big
time. I need to see if the other elders want to play. I haven't asked
them yet! Kind of forgot in my excitement!
I'm surprised that I'm not homesick. I thought that it would be a lot
worse. Sure, it's there (how can it not be, I've lived in the same
house for about 15 years!). But it doesn't play any signicant role in
my life. I don't dwell on it. I'm too busy. All of my spare time (not
including study time) is spent practicing piano. It equals to about
one song before bed and one song before we leave each morning. That's
cut way short compared to what I used to play; I see every moment of
spare time as precious and useful. I'm learning "If You Could Hie to
Kolob" by Aaron Waite. I've always loved that song.
I'm hoping to buy postcards soon. Maybe today. I don't know what the
plan is. Usually our P-Day plans flop, so I don't have any experience
as to what we're supposed to be doing. Usually we just sit around or
eat. hahaha. We've tried going to the zoo, but there wasn't enough
time. Maybe it'll be today. Or next week. I don't mind either way.
Last week, we saw "The Best Two Years." Very funny show! I know that
you wanted me to watch that before leaving for India, but I never
found the time. It was a great movie! Definitely a must-see for future
Good luck Tyler! You'll be a great missionary! South Carolina needs you!
That's about it. Love you all!
Elder Montgomery

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