Missionary (noun): Someone who leaves their family for a short period of time so that others may be with their families for eternity.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"i am in india. malviya nagar. 4th branch of new delhi."

June 22, 2011

Hi Everyone!

This keyboard is old and doesnt work well. we just
spontaneously lost power so ill type super fast. i am in india.
malviya nagar. 4th branch of new delhi. theres 120 members of our
branch. only 60 are active. reactivating members is our top priority
atm. khirki extension, r-block is where im living. its a bunch of
alleys and stuff. the authentic india. not the flashy castles taht you
see on tv. im typing from munirka with some other elders in a cyber
cafe. i serve in lado sarai, devily road, and mehrauli. we have a
christian compound called st. john's. heavy oppiosition there from
other ministers. my first doorstop was me and elder varada stumbling
upon an investigator talking to a pastor. other elders had offended
him somehow and he didnt like us anymore. indian eople are very
sensitive. i have to be very careful.
india is amazing! its not so hot, but im sweating by the time i get
out the front door- and then it only gets more humid. again, its not
hot. so weird. i reckon that ive seen 40 cows, 3 goats, numberless
dogs, and 4 cats. not sure about the cats. maybe indians just dont
like them. in that case, i agree with them.
food is delicious. spicy. ive had delhi belly since monday morning.
people are amazing. i gave a blessing to sister meenakshi on saturday.
no oil. left it at home. wont make that mistake again. she was up and
about in about 15 minutes.
not sure what else to say. president jackson is amazing. the mission
is growing. he started mini missions. can you imagine keaton spending
6 weeks as a missionary with a missionary companion? living in an
apartment and everything? they're here. ive met a few. theyre like 16
or 17. spending 6 weeks, a transfer, with a real missionary! I might
get 1 as a companion. so inspirational.
mission is growing fast. we have about 20 elders in new delhi. me and
5 others are only foreigners. all others are from south india. the
indians are growing the church in india!! might seem racist at first
glance, but its true. for too long, american elders have been
converting indians. now the indians are learning slowly to convert
themselves. there is not a sunday without a baptism in at least one
branch in new delhi. on july 17 we plan on having 1 baptism in each of
5(?) branches in new delhi.
i will probably not be leaving the city. ill be staying in new delhi.
no mountains in sight either. sad days. i think thats it.
proverbs 10:5. Jesus is the way.
love you all!
Elder montgomery

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