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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Hello from Lajput Nagar!"

June 29, 2011

Aren't these names just great? "LAJ-poot Nah-GAR" J makes the same sound as jar or Jarom. I have a good keyboard this time! But the power might still cut out. it does everywhere.

I went on two exchanges this week! My first one was with Elder Gollapelli "Go-LEHP-ahl-LEE" We visited here last Friday, Lajput Nagar. It was interesting. We met a few members and ate Macaroni and Curry. Then some kind of noodles with milk and cream. It was tasty. my second exchange was with his companion, Elder Podi "PO-dee". We went to my area, Malviyah Nagar "MAHL-vee-yah Nah-GAR". And Mehrauli "MEH-rol-LEE". and Lado Sarai "LAH-do SAYR-eye" That was yesterday. It was a mess. Everywhere in India looks the same to me, and so we got lost several times. It was fun though. We all knew that it was bound to happen. My companion Elder Varada "VAR-dah" or "Vah-RAH-dah" says that we will do that again next week. It should be fun.

I'm learning Hindi! I now know the letter "ra". Mera Dost "MEH-rah DOST [rhymes with gross, not lost] means "my friend." Donnuval "DOHN-oo-VAHL" means "thank you"

We gave Sister Minakshi's parents blessings last Saturday. Her knee has been hurting, and her husband is nervous about a new boss that he will be receiving. She got oil, he did not. Just a blessing of comfort.

I have seen 3 wild pigs. No elephants! I'm told Pitampura has elephants. I need to ask Elder Bradley about that.

I've got to go. I love you all!
Elder Montgomery

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