Missionary (noun): Someone who leaves their family for a short period of time so that others may be with their families for eternity.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Being a productive missionary is so much better than being a busy missionary."

Transfers are next week. I'll find out tomorrow night. We're getting 4 new Elders from the South and they're coming in tomorrow night. Transfer meeting will be on Friday.

Baby tortoise? o.0

I celebrated Keaton's birthday by being invited to a BBQ of my own! It was from Sister Rita S. and her family (who have been such great missionaries for us). Brother Sunny invited Elder Sade and me over for a nice barbaque because it was his last night in that home. They're moving to Moti Bagh tonight. No idea where that is, but it's in Delhi. They know that I have a problem with spicy food, so they set aside some food for me. That food turned out to be beef! We all ate beef, mine was simple plain beef while theirs was mixed with some spices. It was delicious! They made shish kababs (as you would call it) also known as sheikh kababs (as they would call it). No idea what the difference is. But they stuck a piece of raw beef on a metal stick and held it over some burning coals. They also made chicken mixed with spices. I tried a few pieces of the chicken. So good! And not spicy at all! It was like heaven. hahaha. By the time that I was finished, I was as full as I've ever been in India. Then they gave us some Halva. Halva is basically crushed carrot mixed with some sugar sauce and other spices. A very nice delicacy in India! I'd have to say that that dinner was the best dinner in Delhi yet. Happy birthday Keaton!

I received a letter from Brother and Sister Christensen from your new Ward. They said that they are very excited that I am representing their Ward and that I am very blessed to be serving here. I agree with them! It was in a nice Hallmark card with a puppy on it. Very touching! Thank you!

When leaving a Cyber CafĂ© after doing emails, I was approached by a Nigerian man who introduced himself as Bellary. He told me that a friend of his had served a mission from Nigeria. I was pleased to hear this, and asked if he knew much about our church. He answered that his friend had taught him a little, but that was over 10 years ago. He had since forgotten. I asked for his number and offered to teach him more about our beliefs. He accepted and we scheduled an appointment on Saturday. We met on Saturday and taught him the Restoration. He seemed concerned since it was so new and different. He came from a Protestant family and was very comfortable where he was. We offered to clear up his questions in our next appointment. On Monday, we brought along with us Brother Obinna, a very strong Branch Missionary from Nigeria. He testified of how much the Book of Mormon and the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ had changed his life. We gave Bellary a copy of the Book of Mormon after clearing up some of his concerns; we also watched “The Restoration” with him to help him understand more about Joseph Smith. I am very thankful for the Missionary tools that are just waiting to be used. I know and appreciate that using these tools effectively is the key to becoming a PMG missionary. These tools bring the Spirit in such ways that I never could alone.

Being a productive missionary is so much better than being a busy missionary. Any missionary can be busy; whether it's street-contacting or going door to door, there's always work to do (and enough people to do it on!). But a productive missionary uses his/her tools. Pamphlets, Media, and members are essential to becoming 100% PMG Missionaries. That much is Paka. I am thankful for the focus on using tools that we have from President Jackson. Members truly carry the work beyond what missionaries can do alone.

I haven't received the package yet. I hadn't expected to. I'm guessing that it will arrive next week.

I received the pictures of the Bazua kids! They're growing up so fast (especially their hair!). I like how Austin is learning to play football. He'll make a great Bronco someday! ;)

I'll find some stuffed elephants or monkeys for the children. That'll be my main priority. I need 8, right? I'm sure that I can find some somewhere. Probably Select City Mall. It'll be no problem! I'll probably go shopping next P-Day. We'll see what my new companion thinks of that.

That's it for this week. Love you all!
Elder Montgomery

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