Missionary (noun): Someone who leaves their family for a short period of time so that others may be with their families for eternity.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

"There is not any other place in the whole world that I would rather be!"

September 14, 2011

This week has been interesting, with Elder Sade and I taking over Elder Bunga’s area for him. Our main priority so far has been to make contact with all of his investigators over the past week. One such family is the Massey family (Father, Mother, Son, Daughter). They are amazing. The first time that we met them, we went over what Elder Bunga had already taught them. That went over quickly. Over the past week, we’ve just been touching up on the last few things that they’ve needed. They received baptismal interviews and are prepared to be baptized this Sunday. We gave the father, Vijay Massey, a Priesthood blessing for what seems to be a disease that he has recently contracted. The entire family has been present at every single one of our lessons with them, except one. Elder Bunga spoke very highly of this family-for good reason. They live next to a family that just moved in from 2nd Branch, where Elder Sade has just been serving. They are very close families. They greatly support each other. I am sure that this baptismal service this Sunday will be great. I am excited for the opportunity to continue serving this family!

Being District Leader is interesting. For the last two transfers, my companion was both District Leader and Zone Leader. So I never saw much of Follow-Ups. He just kind of did them on the side. I conducted my first District Meeting on Monday. I asked the newest Elder, Elder Veeraraj, Elder Varada's new companion, to speak on "Listening" from the Preach My Gospel. Because teaching is the best learning tool, and this is an essential thing that he needs to learn. So, I asked him to teach it. He did very well.

Elder Veeraraj is from Chennai. One the other 2 Elders that came with him from South India is named Elder Aruldas (unsure about spelling). He is from Chennai also. But, according to Elder Veeraraj, Elder Aruldas also lived in Phoenix, Arizona. Shocking, right? So now I want to talk to this Elder. But I won't be able to until a Missionary Conference or a Specialized Training. Maybe Zone Conference. Not sure. I'll fill you in on the details when I find them out.

That story of the French people is amazing. I wonder why they chose to migrate to Northern Italy? "The closer we are to danger, the farther we are from harm" Maybe? Oh well. I'm glad that they found out about the truth eventually.

I have heard of the bomb blast, but just a glancing mention of it. I don't receive news much. Most news places are not English Speaking. But they always-and I mean always-have the caption "BREAKING NEWS" in English. All of the time. I don't get it. So usually I just ignore those words. And then when I learn that they're speaking Hindi, I ignore the TV completely. Mostly it's just about Indian politics anyway. International News is very limited, if present at all. I don't mind, though. The news rarely concerns what I do now, anyway.

So yeah. I'm staying in the same apartment. Elder Varada is staying in my old room (his old room, also). I moved over to Elder Bunga's old room. Really really weird. I've gotten used to it though. It's different, but for me I think that it's the best-case scenario. I'm enjoying the new families that I am teaching.

Halloween box? You know those big bags that have like Dots, Tootsie Pops, Tootsie Rolls, etc? One of those. and Candy Corn. That would be enough. No idea about Christmas though. Not sure what would be useful. Maybe some Music CDs. I'll think about it.

I haven't sent the SD Card yet. Elder Varada told me that it would likely get stolen by the mail workers. I can pictures from here; I saw a picture of Madyson from a few months ago. I'll figure it out. Somehow. Hopefully.

D+C 84:89-91. My new favorite missionary scripture. Acts 2:46 is also good. Dinner appointments in the primitive church! hahaha.

I am truly blessed to be in India. I'm blessed to have the opportunity to serve the Lord. There is not any other place in the whole world that I would rather be! I am thankful that the family is doing well.

Love you all!

Elder Montgomery

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